Feature Request - Packing things from seq. editor.

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Feature Request - Packing things from seq. editor.

Post by Friday13 »

Just a small (yeah, right...) request...

I've noticed that, when using the 'Pack Data' option, only textures are packed with the file. How about also having an option to also pack external files that have been added to the sequence editor as strips (images, sound files, videos) so they are also available inside the .blend file? Of course, external sequence/texture plugins can't be packed due to file type problems, but at least the the file will be more complete when sending it to another computer or making it available for download.
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Post by joeri »

I don't think there is a real reason not to do it.
Unless the insane filesizes you would get maybe.

But I think blender does not handle sequence images the same as object textures, so it would need some extra coding.

If not, a 'collect' or 'report' would be handy.
The collect would create a copy of the blend file and all sequence images in a new tree so we could zip it our selfs (I'd suggest a plugin dir anyway so people on other o.s. just need to replace thoose with their o.s. version)

A report would make a document (in a text window?) that makes a list of assets used in a sequence (maybe all strips it encounters from start to endframe). Must be handy for orange to, right ;)

If (bigIf) the blendfilename could be stored in the image used to render that image (jpeg and tga have such an option) we could even see what files are needed to re-render the sequence. Or better; the collect could try, as an option, to copy thoose to. This would make the opensource orange dvd file collecting a piece of cake...

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