Menu item numbering please...

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Menu item numbering please...

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I think I am learning Blender fairly quickly, but there is one very simple change that would enable me, and I think many others, to learn it a lot faster, so I am throwing it out here in the hope that it will make its way into future versions.

When you call up a menu it is normal to select options by pressing the number keys. Most of the time now I don't even have time to notice the menu, I simply press the number instantly and carry one with my Blending. However, when I come to use an item that I rarely use things would be a great deal easier if the menu items were numbered; that way I wouldn't have to count my way down the menu, risking finger marks on the screen.

To be clear, I think this would be a feature that would really come into its own when a user was accessing a menu item they hardly ever use, or were just learning to use. In those cases it would, I feel, make a big difference to the usability of the program.

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