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SubSurf Modifier

Post by belac »

When you add a SubSurf modifier to a mesh is it suppose to stay in the modifier window? It doesn't for me so how am I suppose to remove the modifier?

Personally I think that the SubSurf control should be returned to the Mesh controls in the objhect panel. I turn those things on and off all the time when I am modeling.

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Post by ZanQdo »

Having the subsurf in the modifier stack makes turn it on and off a lot easier, all the modifiers can be turned on and off and a lot more things at the same place and in tha same way, just learn how to use it and this post should go anywere else but here
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Post by venomgfx »

SubSurf on and off all the time?, try using Shift + O, in object mode.

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Post by jesterKing »

Moved to correct forum. For future reference: start no threads that don't offer builds.


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