Created an object - how to chance its properties?

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Created an object - how to chance its properties?

Post by Spankmeyer »

Tried to search forums and read beginner's guides, but I can't find the answer... sorry all for the extreme stupidity of mine.

I created a mesh cylinder and gave it vertice value of, say, 16. Now later I find out that the value is far too low - so where on earth can I access the object properties (?) where I can change the value to make it smoother? I cannot find a way around this and it's bugging me alot. No boolean operations or whatsoever editing has been done to the cylinder.

Thanks for your patience if you find time to help...

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Post by lusque »

Hi, welcome to the world of Blender.

Sorry but Blender doesn't have parametric objects. You have to add a new cylinder with a higher polycount.
Another solution is to enable subSurf for the cylinder, but it will require some more work to make it look right.

Anyhow, this is a developer forum, you will get more help if you try a user forum such . Also you can try the online documentation/tutorial here and the wiki has an online manual

Happy blending :wink:

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