Precise move.

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Precise move.

Post by 6n0W »

Hi, im learning the basics of blender.

One thing i'm used, (but in cad sofware) is the precision when moving objects.
Im still unable to find a way to move one geometry, from a vertex to another vertex.

While i can "mark" the destination point, using the 3d cursor and shift+s, i yet cant find the way to grab the geometry "to move" from a precise point/vertex.
(some tests even crash the previous build O_O ).

If someone can pointme in the rigth direction, its much appreciated.

thanks in advance.

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Post by z3r0_d »

blender doesn't have a snap feature like that

at best you can hold control to jump to increments of 1.0 units from where you started, or control+shift for 0.1 unit increments

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Post by jesterKing »

Or a more elaborate workaround:

select vertex you want the object to snap with, press shift-s > cursor to selection. Then change object center to 3d cursor. Select other object you want to use as snap target, enter editmode, select vertex you want to snap to, shift-s > cursor to selection. Tab out of editmode, select previous object and shift-s > selection to cursor.


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Post by 6n0W »


altougth its tricky, is very direct to do.
the move centre to point button works only in Object mode.

Using this and that new (since some releases it seems) numerical input, you get a much more "precise" feeling, for those that come from cad software.

Thanks for the help.

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Post by dumbf »

And yet another newcomer to blender looking for dynamic snapping like in CAD.


How long will it take?

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