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new to this stuff

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i was using blender 2.37 for a while because whe i got 2.4 i thought it didnt subsurf(which reeaaallly confused me....) but later i figured out the modifiers. in 2.37 alt + b lets you loop select, but in 2.4 it does this thing where you ca make a box that lets you see only the verts, faces, and edges in it, which i find helpful, but now i cant loop select. did they take it out? if not where is it

*on a side note, i would like to know the locations of tutorials that can be used for blender on advanced modeling ad rigging. thanks

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Post by Duoas »

Hi, just wanted to reply before your post gets too old.

The forum most useful to you is This forum is about Blender development.

Hmm, you found the subsurf modifier... OK.

Loop select is now done with [Shift-]Alt-Right Mouse Button. Choose between a vertex loop and a face loop by switching between Vertex/Edge Edit Mode and Face Edit Mode.

The option to preview which vertices/edges/faces will be selected has been removed under protest. Hopefully it will be restored as an option when 2.40 is finalized.

Hope this helps.

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