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about the new interface proposal

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2005 2:50 pm
by Glaurung

I hope this is the right place to discuss this
At ... chitecture
i've seen the new proposals for the interface. It looks good at a first scope in aestethic considerations, but i think that this idea does'nt respects the "blender scencials". Altough i have an enormous respect for the work of William Reynish and others.

I'm not confident in english, so i can't understand and follow right the in deep analysis of the actual GUI and the explanation of the proposal. But, visually -and i don't want to start a Blender vs 3dMax thread- it reminds me too to the over-parametrized and confusing panels of 3dmax.

Blender is simplicity, eloquency. If the buttons are too hard to distingish from others, this simplicity is aborted. I like this "almost naif" look of blender. I don't like default rounded theme. Is visually attractive, but not visually operative. In some areas, this is too contrasted, while in some others is too dark and unreadable.
Is true that button aren't the unique way to do things (most of the actions with keyboard shortcuts), but these are a permanent reference for the operator/artist between the 3dview, the ipo window, the scripts window... So, buttons must be "referential", i think.

The proposals are nice in shapes, but is too gray and unnecessarily "branched". Of course, IMHO. Is only a first advice from a first look. My opinion isn't anything unchangeable, but i have feel and noticed this.
I know the interface design is something still far from my design knowledge, and there are other factors than aesthetics and "mouse_find_ability" that i have not seen or think. This is only a try to help from a passioned user.
Thanks for hearing,