Feature Request: Better handling of background images

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Feature Request: Better handling of background images

Post by Auralis »

what i would like, and i think would find many usefull, is:

Able to set a different background image for each of the 6 possible orthographic views. All should have their own options as far as blend, center etc is concernt.

And the real killer would be if when rotating the view away from ortho view, blender would map those images that are looked onto their face onto a virtual cube around the scene. and hide the others that would be in front of the model.

This would make modeling after blueprints or orthographic pictures much easier and faster in my view.

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Post by an-toni »

nice idea, the first part sounds like really easy to implement too. .. and the second surely cool, perhaps someone will make it :)


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Post by UncleZeiv »

You can fake the second one pretty easily by uv mapping the images on different planes...

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Post by joeri »

I still wonder why this is not implemented yet.

As a logo animation program (early years of blender) one view was enough, but as a character animation program at least 3 views are wanted.

I used to do it by setting a texture as backimage and use frame 1, 2 & 3 as front side and top. But that can get confusing. also possible is 3 scenes with linked data objects.....
But that all only distracts the user from modeling.

I think it's not implemented (yet) because it's possible to put 3 planes in the scene with a texture on them.

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Post by CaioBrazil »

I really wonder why Blender doesn't allow to assign different background images to each view yet. Even without the "virtual cube" idea(which would be really great!! :wink: ), it would be a very helpfull feature.

C ya.

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