Modifier didn't make 2.4 release?

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Modifier didn't make 2.4 release?

Post by Ammusionist »

I'm sure I played with the explode modifier in one of the earlier bf trests, but it didn't make it into the actual release.

Can we get this in the next release??

Ta :D

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Post by an-toni »

not to the 2.41 that will probably come after the end of this week, but perhaps to 2.42 .. depends how mature the code is and whether the idea makes sense otherwise


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Is it it coming?

Post by IPBurbank »

I am looking for a way to make a sphere explode, but when i checked for the modifier, it was GONE! does anyone know if it is coming back?

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Post by alarionfirn »

Not sure if it is in 2.45 but it is in svn (since a long time). I guess you used a testing build which has the explode modifier and later you opened a 'non-svn-version' which doesn't has it included.

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