Usability misconception: highlighted menu option

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Usability misconception: highlighted menu option

Post by Alvaro »

I just noticed a Blender new feature that IMHO is just plain wrong.

Erase menu, if "edge" option is selected, next time "edge" will be the first option highlighted in that menu (in fact the second option in the list)

IMO plain wrong! :evil:

Menus should behave always the same, first option always highlighted, in order to make fast automatic menu selections because of learning of repetition.

You tend to remember a particular mouse movement to reach a menu option, by repetition it becomes almost automatic.

It the menu behaviour changes, then the user's workflow breaks.

In heavily used contextual menus, options are quickly selected based on a particular mouse movement you've got memorised, with almost no looking at the menu.

It is the commond trend out there. Contextual menus, right and below the cursor when possible, no option highlighted at all.

I don't think we have invented the wheel with this new feature. :(

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Post by tommy »

Negative. I love that feature. Perhaps this could be added as a preference, but not turned on by default.

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Post by -efbie- »

you can always type the number of the entry if you need a quick access to a specific action.

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Post by Auralis »

Negativ here as well, I use that feature all the time.
But yes, i agree should be a preference options for those that don't want it.

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