Blender for windows console (dos) window?

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Post by jbinto »

Different horses for different courses I guess...

That is why I am making it a commandline option to please even the people who like the old way, or for the times that console output suits what you are currently doing better.
1. This console windows is just very useful. The first thing I do, when an error (or something weird I think it could be an error) happens, is to have a look at the console. And in most cases this is the place where I find out, what things are going on (or wrong).
This is still possible, even more so now. You see the error immediately as it happens without having to switch windows. See: ... nsole3.PNG

b.t.w., being a big fan of Linux for a long time I've come to appreciate and respect the command line a lot and have also worked it into my workflow for things on Windows a lot to up my efficiency.

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Post by FastEddy »

@ jbinto:
Please don't misunderstand my last post. I really look forward to the new console within the UI. :-)

I mainly adressed this to the initiator of this thread, I just wanted to make clear that the console window is generally very useful.
And as former linux-user (now windows again - linux only for server issues, because openGL on linux/nVidia much slower than windows/nVidia, and some more reasons) I respect consoles as well - even the windows cmd is quite not as powerful as a unix shell.

But I just figured out, that there were many posts between the last one I read and the one after which mine was posted during my writing time.

Anyway. Let the new UI-integrated console come! I myself will welcome it .:-)
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Post by ntroutman »

I actually prefer the console where it is, to have another pane open in blender would just make things more cluttered. "Alt-Tab" has long been used to switch between windows, in both MSWindows and Linux, and it is second nature to many people. For me it is far easier to "Alt-Tab" to pull up the console to check-out errors and messages that it would be to lose the screen realestate. And yes I know blender has "desktops" so I guess that would be an acceptable place, however as the addage says, "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

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