the "PERFECT TOOL"!!!!!

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the "PERFECT TOOL"!!!!!

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Yeah, what's so new and perfect about it?
:-) Hosting for your test builds:

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Post by kakapo »

it's the only free (and open source too i think?) match mover i know. has anyone tried it? does it work well?

maybe it could be integrated into blender like the fluid simulator? since blender will also get a nice compositing system it could be useful...

...but on the other hand the latest blender.exe already is over 10mb! :shock: :P

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not sure if it is open source... but it is free

I tested it extensively while making a DVD menu system

It was a bit frustrating at first but works really well actually

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no it is not open source...


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Unfortunately this tool is not opensource and for non-commercial use. I am keen but have been unable to find any camera tracking programs that are opensource. If anyone can find one, could they post the link here? Once the code behind (mainly the maths) a camera tracker is found, I imagine it would be reasonably simple (for an experienced coder, not me) to add it into blender, else add blender export etc into the opensource program.


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