Scaling @ super zoom

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Scaling @ super zoom

Post by f22.raptor »

Hey, i've been a blender head for a few years now, got very good (and quick) with the interface and editing methods in the versions up to 2.37, and in these newer versions, im a bit confused about what happened with the grid systems etc... Before you could zoom in super-close, and still scale a vertex to the cursor, this comes in handy when your doing the amount of detail as i do in my work. Now, however, at certain times it gives this strange " -1.#IND" thing, and i have kind of figured out that its for typing in how much you want to scale it..... this is EXTREMELY slow, i dont care how good you are at interpolating things. anothing thing is, its unstable. Half the time it does the weird number thing, the other half it makes it scale out all the way to hell and back, so you cant effectively use the scale function at high zooms. Im worndering if this is "supposed" to be in here, and if so where i can get a version without it... (other than 2.37, because 2.37a or b has it too) And if it wasn't supposed to be like that, then are there plans to fix it?

Are there some other options, or something im missing, like a cursor you can tell it where to scale to, or something.... or is this just some strange way of editing thing.... I love blender, and i really dont want to dump it, or stay with an OLD version for the rest of my time using it, But i truely think this is a degredation of blender, and its sevearly cutting out one of blenders biggest advanteges IMHO, the speed at which you can make things. If all else fails, is the coding for that aspect able to be changed without destroying the rest of the system, or is it an easiliy accessable piece of code?

Thank you for your hard work Blender team, and please only take this as my opinion. I mean to offent nobody :D

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Post by intrr »

The Transform system has been recoded in 2.37 - a few glitches remain, yes. You should submit a bug report.

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Post by wavk »

Yes I've been bumping into this as well, frustrating it is. A bug report would do wonders.

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