Freeframe Video Plug Ins/Blender

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Freeframe Video Plug Ins/Blender

Post by poutsa »

Question : About FreeFrame PlugIns!

Is this Possible to use this Plug Ins in some way in Blender?

Blenders Sequencer Editor and Node Editor Compositor is Still in maybe is possible to use also this....if Possible in Sequencer Editor or Image Compositor as Plug Ins or Integrated some of them??


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Post by levon »

right now, there is no way to use freeframe in blender, i have been talking to peter about free frame a bit. he said he would look into it.

ive been us ing free frame plugins in resolume, wax and after effects for a while, i recon they are great, small render times, and there are currently over 100 availible for free, as well as other people offering commearcial plugins as well theres a list of just about every plug in availible.

Freeframe has the ability to have multiple inputs, which is currently possible, you can also make source freeframe effects, which is compareable to texture plugins.
the one downside i see is that the freeframe spesifications only allows for 3 channels, RGB, so no alpha or normal calculation which is curently already availible to external plugins.

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