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Feature Request: import and export to .b3d(Blitz3D)

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2006 1:50 am
by imagination304
Hi all experts,

I hope blender could import and export to .b3d (blitz3d format),
because .b3d supports bone animation and it would be handy to be
used in Blitz3D. (Blitz is a huge community since the era of Amiga computer)

At this moment, whenever we create models for Blitz3D, we have to use different tools to change between different formats (texturing, animating, lightning, etc.) in order to be loaded into Blitz3D. Sometimes, it's quite time consumming, frustrating and annoying.

As a result, Blitz3D will be much more powerful than before, with the help of advance functions of Blender!!! Just adding import and export function.

The .b3d format specification could be found here: ... _specs.txt

Thanks for your attention.
Happy Sammy