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Post by farsthary »

I was concern about Layers in Blender and is because other Soft implement the feature of manage "unlimited" number of layers
(LW,Max, Softi,Maya and so on... )
It's true that not always is necesary more than 20 layers, but life could be easier if someone implement the non-limit-layers feature
I don't understand how a powerfull and fast development program like Blender is, had forgive this imprtant tool.

i don't know if there's a script that could do that, but would be wonderfull
if that script was be in the main release.

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Post by yellow »

Yes Layer managment and dynamic snapping two important missing features in blender to many users.

However it looks like discussion is well under way on the developer mailing list for projects for the Google SOC 2006 for both snapping and better layer management.

I hope they make it in.

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