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Camera question

Post by Donny »

first of all, this is my first post, so sorry if this is the wrong place for this. Ok, now, my problem is that i tried moving the camera and then it dissappeared. How do i get it back?

I tried undo but that didnt work.

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Post by LIGHTspeed »

It's so angering!!! I had a Huge reply all typed up and just pressed the
submit button...and our computer froze. Goodbye, reply!

Well first, if the camera was the last selected object then try pressing alt+g. This will clear your cameras position and put it back at the center of the grid.
Or, if you pressed "u" for undo, then try pressing control+z a few times. If neither of these things work then maybe somebody else could think of something else that may.

Sorry i could'nt be of more help.
P.s. I know a couple other things that might work, but for me to explain them would take a while, so if nothing else works, maybe i could explain them.
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