how do i connect vertices

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how do i connect vertices

Post by Donny »

title asks it all: how do i connect two vertices?

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Post by LIGHTspeed »

The only thing that i can think of would be the "remove doubles" feature.
Just position the two vertices you wish to connect as close together as possible, then select all the vertices you wish to join and press "w". From the menu that pops down you can click on where it says "remove doubles" and if the vertices are close enough together the extra vertices will be removed. You can select how large an area you wish the remove doubles tool
to have affect over by switching to edit mode and in the mesh tools area of the "Editing" panel(f9) there will be a panel where you can enter a number. Just increase this number.
You could also use the "merge" tool with alt+m, but you may have to play with this a little to get the desired results.

sorry i could'nt be of more help.
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Post by LetterRip »

connect as in create an edge between them?

Select the vertices and FKEY (two verts create an edge, more creates a face)

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