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Can someone please help me learn how to create a more realistic grass? If there is a good tutorial, please post it. Thank you!

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Hello, for a question like your go to
This forum is more for development, blenderartist is more for helping

But you can use particle in static with the option strand in material, or there is script like beast on blenderartist

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In Blender: ... 721.0.html ... 722.0.html

Python Scripts:
The link to the latest Beast Python Script (works in 2.41 Blender Version)!
Download here: ... ight=beast ... ight=beast can use also the Latest Fiber 2.03 script download from here:
The New Fiber 3 still in Development!

For full Documentation and Tutorials follow this link about FIBER ! ... intro.html

Quick How to use Fiber 2.03 in Blender 2.41 for New Blender Users:

-After Download Fiber 2.03 Unzip the Folder "Fiber 203" and open the Blend file Included in this Folder in Blender 2.41!
-Execute the Script in Blenders Text Editor.
-Press the Big "Estimate Faces" Button first and then the "Create" Button!
-you see Grass is Generated
- Select in the Material Buttons the "Grass" Material (from List) for your Grass and Render!
If you like to make New Grass! bevor play with Sliders Parameters to make changes --you must first Delete your Grass already Generated (Select grass and press X Button and Delete!).......Then Select the Hill Mesh (Hill Mesh must be selected)..!
Then play with Sliders Parameters to make changes ....and if you ready Press again the "Estimate Faces" Button first and then "Generate"!

and a Interessting Tutorial in Maya:

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You might find interesting. I did.

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