Clickety Clickety Cli- AAAAUUGH!

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Chris Da Lunatic
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Clickety Clickety Cli- AAAAUUGH!

Post by Chris Da Lunatic »

Yah, I am having a problem with selecting things. I cannot right click to select a vertricle while I have the option to only select objects that I cannot see checked. If I disable that option, it works, but I dont want to goof up modeling, so I am wondering "What should I do to fix this?".

System Specs

Processor: 500mhz Intel Celeron
Monitor: Dell, 1024X800 resolution mostly
Mouse: Compaq
Video Card: Onboard, Intel 82810 graphics card, Non APG
Hard Drive: 70+ Gigabytes, 65 gigs free space
Keyboard: Memorex
Sound Card: Aureal Vortex 8820 Audio (WDM)
Modem: DSL, Quest

Thanks for your time, Chris Da Lunatic.

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Post by z3r0_d »

try setting the color depth to 16 bit color [in the display properties]

some graphics cards [particularly integegrated ones, or old ones] have issues with the way blender does solid selection.

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Post by LIGHTspeed »

I had this same exact problem, except on 16 bit mode.
Our computer is kind of old and blender had many bugs/glitches
until I put it into 24 bit mode. One of the most annoying glitches was every couple of seconds, all the buttons and stuff disappeared(except the text on buttons and stuff).
So I guess it really depends on your computer and stuff. Computers are wierd sometimes. :)
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Post by rabidphage »

try setting the hardware accelleration in windows all the way to the minimum and if it fixes the display problems turn it up step by step to a more optimal level. open gl in onboard graphics are sometimes quite dodgy.
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