Outliner more options?

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Outliner more options?

Post by artisanicview »

The Outliner window is great but this need more functions. Please take a look at the "outliner" implementation of the Cinema4D. Its so perfect.

I want to be able from the Outliner:
- to select what object to be displayed (or hiden) in vieports and in render.
- to set how one object will apear in the viewport (Solid, Textured, wireframe).
- to set modifier stacks.
- to make operations like move objects from one group or layer to another, etc.
- to set if the object will cast and (or) produce shadows in renderer.

Im expecting your opinions and sugestions.

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Post by aligorith »

There were also a few interesting features that Matt Ebb proposed in his original outliner concept. These were namely the ability to access and change the values of ipo curves in the outliner.

Currently, it is just a means to display the hierachy of objects and some of their things in alphabetical order. Adding features is not an easy business, requiring adding code to other bits so that they all co-operate.


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