Proposal: SVG as image texture/ preserve UVs...

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Proposal: SVG as image texture/ preserve UVs...

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Actually two different things, but came in my mind (again) in the same project.

1-Vector images as textures. The advantages are obvious - resolution independent, animations possible, maybe even a scripting functionality could be implemented? The choice of SVG is a logical step, but i could also imagine editing 2D bezier shapes right inside blender and using them as a texture, if they have a certain tag in the name or elsewhere. (BTW, are there any plans for a more generalized, object "independent" attribute/property editor?)

2-This is an old one: preserve UV coordinates after converting a "loft" (bezier shape with "BevOb") to a mesh. As long as the object stays Bezier, you can use "UV Orco" for easy mapping. however sometimes i need to convert to mesh, and then all UV information is lost. I hope it is not a huge rewrite and i hope to see this in near future, as it would be a real time saver!

Best regards, marin

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