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Fluid simulation crash on high resolution

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:05 am
by mpan3
well, there isn't a fixed number at which blender will exit to desktop, but i find that blender can't seems to use ~1GB of memory while baking fluid before it crashes wihtout any useful error message.

My PC has 1.5GB of physical ram and i am thinking of getting two. So I still have almost an entire GB to spare to blender. However blender can't seems to be able to use this, why?

Is it because I am on 32bit Windows?

[edit]: i tried other builds (official and un official, optimized and non-optimized, i even built my own from the stable 2.42 source: SAME PROBLEM)

Re: Fluid simulation crash on high resolution

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 7:45 am
by z3r0_d
I have the same issue [tho I don't play with fluid simulation to trigger it], the limit for me is also 1Gb

if it weren't nearly 11pm I'd write a simple c program to allocate more than a gig and see what it does.

32 bit windows should be limited to 2Gb, 64 bit cpu [on 32 bit with xp sp2] 4Gb [says a gamasutra article], on xp 64 you should be able to allocate 16 terrabytes [says microsoft]

could this error be related to the interception of allocations that blender does?

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 3:09 pm
by solmax
I remember something similar posted on the orange blog, however it was related to OS X and rendering. But may be it is helpful, read here:

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2006 6:40 pm
by mpan3
Yeah, that reminded me, while rendering, blender also experiences stability issues when a large amount of memory is used. (~1gb, again)

However, i know for a fact that certain games and applications can easily handle more than 1.5GB of physical ram on WinXP-32bit. Photoshop has no difficulty memory usage gets high, it just gets extremely slow. Certain newer games also hogs up tons (sometimes 1.5-1.8gb) easily, yet they don't crash to desktop every minute.

what z3r0_d said about 2gb limit on winxp seems correct, I'll try to get Gentoo 2006.0 setup on my 32bit box and see what that does.