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The toolbar is missing.

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2002 11:49 pm
by amuzen
I was just thinking that the UI would be a lot better if there was a toolbar instead of that pop-up menu that is shown if you hit spacebar. It would be a lot easier and faster to add meshes, lamps and other things from the toolbar instead of trying to search them from insided menus.

Toolbar would be especially good thing for newbies who don't know any keyboard shortcuts (and that spacebar opens the menu) but I guess that it wouldn't be bad for more advanced users either. Also, it should be a fairly simple thing for developers to add this feature so everyone should be happy :wink:

there is...

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2002 10:14 am
by sten
Hey amuzen !

there is already a toolbar...look up to the left, there is a menu
where it shows where you can add meshes to the scene and so,
maybe not so extended as you like...but it is there...and if you pull
down the the whole menu, the infobar appears where you do all settings
for all the directorys , textures, python, renderings etc etc...and also
copy settings, animation key settings...puuhh :D

well, there you go..

ps. btw my first post in these forums...but not a newbie to Blender ;)

/ztonzy :lol:

...but on the other hand there isn't...

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2002 1:20 pm
by amuzen
Yeah, I know those things but what I'd like to see is a real toolbar instead of menus. Not only because toolbar would look nicer but also because it would be a lot easier to do things by one click of mouse instead of wandering in menus and submenus.

By the way, I'm not a newbie anymore but I have some friends that are new to Blender and I'd just like to make it easier for people like them to use this great software. The lack of good and easy to use toolbar is just the only big problem in Blender UI, in my opinion.

And as I said, it shouldn't be too big task for developers either. If I just didn't have my game project I could probably have written a patch... :roll:

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2002 1:54 pm
by madprof
How about an extra window (as in buttonswindow, IPOwindow,etc) which contained a toolbar? Then you could just have your .B.Blend or whatever file with a toolbar defaultly at the top, as in most applications, without "spoiling" it for people who prefer not having them.


Do whatever but...

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2002 3:38 pm
by amuzen
They can make it toggleable if they want but I really hope that they would make it at least easy to enable/disable, maybe by a new menu entry Menu->View->Toolbar.

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2002 9:31 am
by darklynx
Ave!Indeed Blender NEEDS a toolbar! 8)


Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 3:46 am
by Rookie
:) Why dont add a more friendly user interface for artist and more
"HOW TO DO", documentation on it. Is that to much to ask?


Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2002 4:01 am
by dittohead
um...rookie it already IS a good interface, it's called intuitive.

people whine and complain and say it'sa bad gui. but people are used to this crap from maya and lightwave, and others that are unintuitive.

blender once you get used to it is more efficient and easier to use than any other gui.

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2002 2:43 am
by hexarith
toolbars :? are only disturbing (at least me). I prefer the very good hot-key system 8) of blender. The spacebar solution allows you to preselect the rotation of the object matrix you're going to create ( it will be the same, as used to transform the viewing angle of the window you're working in ). Although toolbars are IMHO only a thing for windozeing mouse pushers.

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2002 5:53 am
by theeth
madprof wrote:How about an extra window (as in buttonswindow, IPOwindow,etc) which contained a toolbar? Then you could just have your .B.Blend or whatever file with a toolbar defaultly at the top, as in most applications, without "spoiling" it for people who prefer not having them.
that sounds like a reasonable idea. Maybe something like the Info window, but set vertically, so you could have it on whatever side you want, expend it when you need to and such.


Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2002 6:11 am
by nhavar
I think that what I see when I see good efficient graphic artists do computer design is that they use the keyboard almost if not more than the mouse, regardless of tool use. I see guys giving tutorials on Photoshop and they are using keyboard shortcuts almost entirely.

That being said I don't see why the GUI and the Keyboard shortcuts can't be equally intuitive. When I originally started using Blender I went through the tutorials and did pretty well, I was open to different interfaces having worked with Photoshop/Gimp/Poser/Bryce/ each interface was a little different and not all of the icons and imagery made sense (good help files go along way as well as good tuts). Some people come into blender though not as open. Typically having worked with one interface that they are comfortable with.

I would say that Blender needs to keep the good keyboard navigation it has with some button clean up and better iconography for those buttons with the ability to turn on/off imagery and/or text for the existing "toolbars".