Feature requests in create UVSphere and CTRL+L

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Feature requests in create UVSphere and CTRL+L

Post by madcello »

I've came with 2 simple feature requests that i think are good for functionality.

1- When we start to create a UVSphere it appears 2 small windows (segments and then rings). My request is to appear 1 window with both variables. Change segments, simple TAB, change rings, Enter.

1- When we copy linked materials (CTRL+L) with a mesh that as more than 1 material, all of the materials are replaced with the new one. My request is to choose wich material we want to replace, if the affected mesh as more than 1 material.

Thank you!

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Post by joeri »

1- I think it would be better if all value enter options and sub options get a "last setting" button.

2- Or be able to swap index entry on the mesh, so the wanted becomes the first in the linkable object.

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