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Frame Indicator

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 4:34 pm
by poutsa
Feature Request:
If you move the Green Line in Blenders Timeline Window you see a Frame Indicator next to green line changing Frames Numbers during movement!

Is this possible to have something like this "Frame Indicator" also for IPO,ACTION,NLA;Sequencer,Audio, if you move in this Windows the Green Line to have also this Frame Indicator like in Timeline???

and maybe a Option to Enable or Disable in User Preferences:
Frame Time Indicator:On/off for all Windows!

Or Better in every Window seperate:
Click on View Menue in every Window a list opens and choose Frame Indicator to enable or click again to Disable!

and maybe:
........ a SMPTE Time code Indicator vissible in Blenders Sequencer somewhere in the Header and also in Timeline!