Cropper Tool for Blender

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Cropper Tool for Blender

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You can "Dump Screen" and "Dump Subwindow" in Blender...the browser opens and you can save Jpg,Png..etc..!

About Cropper:
It would be Cool if you can have in Blender something like this "Cropper Tool" for Screen Captures,making Documentations,Tutorials maybe also for saving Avis for making Tutorials!

in this case you can: choose from Menue-File-List in Blender "Use Cropper" a Transparent Window Opens like this in Cropper and a Subwindow inside the main window (looks like the Preview Render Window in BLender) with Px Indicators and Cross in the middle you can Resize and Change the Position inside Blenders User Interface and if you Double Click or Click on this window a Jpg,Png,Bmp... auto saves in the Directory/name to save rendered Pics to (In Blenders Render Buttons-Output Panel)

You can download Cropper from here:
Its Free and i think Its Open Source....!?
If Integration not this Possible to Develop something like this?? so maybe someone says why can use it External also!I know but i ask only!

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