Python reconstruction: coders needed!

Scripting in Blender with Python, and working on the API

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Python reconstruction: coders needed!

Post by ton »

As a part of the reorganisation of the chaotic python code in Blender, a new standard has been designed, which is currently being implemented.

It basically means transporting old code for modules into new ones. This is more 'transpiration' work than 'inspiration'... :-)
So we just need a couple of extra hands to help us for this. Anyone with a little C experience can do it. If you're interested, contact Michel or LarstiQ at the committers maillist.
(Become maillist member with the link at

Target is to be ready with this in 4 weeks or so, to be included in a 2.28 release. This then will give a good headstart to really work on expanding the API for cool new stuff.
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plug in in c

Post by Avalanche »

I would like to know if there's a way
to access blender data such camera position vertice position ect ... in
c or c++. I've created a python script to export uv,indices,vertices,keyframe... and all the folk in my SGX 3d file format but that doesn't work with the current blender (python problem) only 2.23, i'm tired to rewrite the code then i'm asking if you can make a stuff to give acess to c programmer on these data without rebuilding blender from its source. By this way python is very slow more i use the script more python take the time to execute the code .

thanks you.


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Post by Hqpsy »

Still need c++ programmers to make the python conversion?

I might be able to help! =)

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Post by jdbertron »

Hi Ton,
I'd be more than happy to help. I'm a C/C++ coder and Blender enthusiast, and I know CVS well.
I can't wait for this Python API to be ready, so why not pitch in ?
Go aheah and ping me, I'll help wherever you need the transpiration...

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Post by Sutabi »

Anyone with a little C experience can do it.
Woo that means even i can help!!!! (has a little C exp)

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Post by matt_e »

First step:
Sign up here-

I'm sure the other coders can help you out and give directions once you announce yourself on the list.

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