Few questions about Blender 2.5 render api

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Few questions about Blender 2.5 render api

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I've just looked and samples of exporters for Blender 2.5 and it looks extremely promising :)
I've just tried to export camera with dummy example and I can't find matrixWorld for objects. I see location, translation and scale, but not matrix which is very useful.
Is this in some other place?
I have also question about library objects. Will be there possibility to distinguish multiple instances of single library group?
I mean if I link group from external file, add this to current scene and then clone empty I have multiple instances of such group, but from python object point of view they look the same. They even have the same names. The same with objects inside such groups.
So I have multiple objects with the same name but different transformed mesh data.
It won't be a problem if I could go up few levels of hierarchy and check which empty is connected with this group.

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