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Spe: Python IDE for Blender

Post by stani »

Used to comfortable IDE's like Boa, PythonWin, I couldn't get along with the spartanic text Window of Blender to write programs. You can of course edit them outside Blender, but than you don't have interactive access to the Blender Python objects.

Therefore I developped a Python IDE which can run inside Blender. It includes many features, such as an interactive shell with autocompletion and so on, a locals browser and a Blender object browser, drag&drop, customizable menus and toolbar buttons, and much more... (It's possible to put all your favorite scripts as a toolbar buttons.) Since it requires the full Python installation and wxPython, it is more aimed at experienced Python programmers. It could make the step for them easier to Blender. See screenshot for a quick impression see

I also made a package blenpy which integrates existing Python tools to be run from Blender:

Before releasing publicly I'm looking for some volunteers to do some alfa testing. You don't need to be an expert. If you install (1) the full python package, (2) wxPython (http://www.wxpython.org/download.php#binaries) and (3) are able to unzip a zip file in the Blender directory, you can test it. Only don't get mad if you discover innocent or not innocents bugs, but just send me a report. If you're interested send me an email s_t_a_n_i@no-spam.yahoo.com and say wich os you use (Linux/windows/mac)

I put it as a proposal for a Python project, so I hope it gets approved soon.

Thanks for any reactions,

Spe and blenpy require:
*FULL Python22 installation

Spe requires:

Spe Features:

Sidebar per file
*class/method browser (jump to source)
*automatic todo list, highlighting the most important ones (jump to source)
*automatic alphabetic index of classes and methods (jump to source)

*interactive shell
*locals browser (left click to open, right click to run)
*seperate session recording
*quick access to python files in folder and its subfolders (click to open)
*unlimited recent file list (left click to open, right click to run)
*automatic todo list of all open files, highlighting the most important ones (jump to source)
*automatic alphabetic index of all open files (jump to source)

Python related:
*syntax & indentation checking

Drag & Drop: drop any amount of files or folders...
*on main frame to open them
*on shell to run them
*on recent files to add them
*on browser to add folders

*context help defined everywhere
*add your own menus and toolbar buttons
*exit & remember:all open files will next time automatically be loaded
(handy for Blender sessions)
*wxPython gui, so should be cross-platform (Windows,Linux,Mac)
*scripts can be executed in different ways:run,run verbose & import
*after error jump to line in source code

last but not least...

Blender related:
*redraw the Blender screen on idle (no blackout)
*load script in Blender Text window
*Blender object tree browser (cameras,objects,lamps,...)
*add your favorite scripts to the menu
*100% Blender compatible:can run within Blender, so all these features are available within Blender

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nice work

Post by Mandrake0 »

nice work....

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Post by ascotan »

shweeet! I hope we can use it soon.

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Post by McGivrer »

Cool !! hey ? where is the picture in the first post ? it didn't appear anymore ! ?

But that sims :wink: to be a very great imrpovment !

Good Job, men !

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Post by t_revs »

Hi Stani

I would be interested in your Python IDE for Blender Windows Version.

Could you send it to me?

Your e-mail seems to be down.


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