still a little 'bug' setEuler in 2.28c

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still a little 'bug' setEuler in 2.28c

Post by xand »

in 2.28c (cvs from this morning), there's still a little bug in setEuler.
it works great with values in direct - ob.setEuler(1,2,3)
but this script returns the 'three float argument' :


i know it's not a real bug but it's a bit anoying to make string conversion for this kind of thing


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Post by stiv »

Maybe not a bug, but at least an inconsistency. As a quick hack-around, in setEuler(), you can change the PyArg_ParseTuple code to accept a tuple of 3 floats. Something like this:

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    if (!PyArg_ParseTuple (args, "(fff)", &rot1, &rot2, &rot3))
        return (PythonReturnErrorObject (PyExc_AttributeError,
                "expected tuple with three floats "));
There is a similar thing going on with get/setLocation().

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