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UV vertex adjacency in vertex "split up" case

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:37 pm
by INeedMySpace
Hello friends. I'm currently work on add-on which copies one UV island in UV coordinates of another similar island. And in some conditions it works well - you can check this video . Namely it works well when seams are "closed" and all vertices in island are unique. When seams are "open" vertex and and edge are split up inside an island and we have 2 vertices in UV with the same index.
We can separate those splitted vertices by their UV coordinates, but their internal index in edge or polygon structure is the same and I can`t find internal data that is used in UV editor to make vertex adjacency. So any hints and advices will be appreciated.
Summary. I can build vertex adjacency for 3D vertices basing on vertices info in edge data but it differs with UV vertex adjacency in case of "splitted" vertices.
Question. What blender python structure can be used in such conditions? Is there other solutions to got UV vertex adjacency?