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Animation in detail

Post by damix » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:18 am

Hi everybody, I've been searching a good article on how armatures work for quite a long time; I'm interested because I'm working on a custom exporter, and I really want to know as much as I can on the topic. I'm also studying the Blender source code, but the C code is obviously "cluttered" with handling the interactivity of skinning and rigging (previewing ecc...), while I'm only interested in the mathematical aspects (mainly what each matrix means and what is its coordinate space).

I want to replicate the Blender behavior as close as possible in my game engine; for instance I don't want to evaluate FCurves in the exporter script, instead I want to export them in my custom file format and evaluate them at runtime as does Blender.

(Q1) Is there something wrong with this approach?
(Q2) Are there some existing exporters that follow the same approach and shall I study their code?
(Q3) How do I know whether they are doing it right?
(Q4) Is there any up-to-date resource on this topic, or ... ures-work/ is the only way to go? Ideally something newer and that references data structures in the Python API.

If not, I think armatures, bones, FCurves and (to a much less extent) shape keys are some of the most confusing parts of the API, and they really need some better documentation.

Thank you for help, have a nice day.


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