Absolute position/rotation of child object

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Absolute position/rotation of child object

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I have an object bound to a bone, and I need the absolute position and rotation of the object (world coordinates), but I can't seem to figure out how to get them.
obj.parent returns the armature, so obj.matrix_local is relative to the armature and not the bone it's parented to. I can get the bone object using obj.parent.data.bones[obj.parent_bone], and I'm trying to get absolute transformations using

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armature.matrix_world * parentBone.matrix_local * obj.matrix_basis
to no avail. Unfortunately, I have to fetch this regardless of animation transformations (in the rest pose) so I can't use obj.matrix_local
For what it's worth, I would probably settle for translation and rotation relative to the parent bone itself. I use quaternions for rotations.

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