Python API curves and splines

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Python API curves and splines

Post by BYAHHHH »

Two questions:

1) Is there a max size for the number of vertices that can be placed within a spline?

2) Sometimes when I have two splines that overlap on a single point in space (two vertices that have the same coordinates but are in separate splines) and the curve is in 2D mode with cyclic_u = True, The two splines do not fill properly. Am I missing something? I'd like for the two splines to fill completely as they do not overlap except for the two points they have in common. Am I simply doing something that directly conflicts with the logic for filling the splines?


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Post by stiv »

1) the limit is available memory or maximum C array size on your machine, whichever comes first

2) sounds buggish. Might want to make a simple test case and file a bug report.

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