Greetings to everyone. IK solver please....

Scripting in Blender with Python, and working on the API

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Greetings to everyone. IK solver please....

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Dear Friends,

I finished publishing my thesis on a new IK solver I had written. Have already ported it to many languages like Actionscript, Java and C++. But to test my IK solver I thought Blender will the perfect platform and release it as a plugin to the community.

What I learnt/know :::
  • Being a decent programmer did not struggle much to learn Python!
    With my experience in Blender did not have trouble relating Python scripts to Blender. Or was able to understand operators and panels.
    I have already made the Operator and the related controls to appear in the Panel.
My questions are :::
  • How to monitor the mouse movement continuosly(in 3d) ? I do not want to use a Modal operation if it is not necessary!

    I want my completed plugin(ideally) to work on similar fashion to the Auto IK option in Pose mode.
Can some gurus help me out? Kindly do let me know if you have any trouble understanding my post and I will be glad to clarify.

#0K Srinivasan

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