Problems creating script to make EnergyBall

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Problems creating script to make EnergyBall

Post by tlvranas » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:04 pm

I am attempting to create a script (using the IvyGen for part of the script) to create an 'EnergyBall' and I am running into a lot of problems. (Most of which is because I am new to Blender and Python scripting.)

Here is a rough draft of what I am trying to create

I want the script to do the following:
Create an empty that will be the parent
Create a sphere (needed for the Ivy and bounds for the particals)
Create x number of 'Bolts' using the Ivy code
Create particals
Create smoke for some extra effects.

In place of trying to get the Ivy script working I am using the monkey for now to test the logic.

So far when selecting the Add EnergyBall I get the empty and the sphere, then the button for creating the 'lightning bolts' and the option to selec the number of bolts.

When I checnge the number of bolts to create, the empty and sphere are deleted.
When I click the button to create the bolts the first time, nothing happens, the second time the objects are created.
Then if I change the number of bolts objects are added / deleted.

I would not expect the checnging the number of bolts to change anything on the screen until the button is pressed.

There are other problems as well.

Am I trying to do to much for an add-on, is there a better way to do this since I will be adding hundreds of objects and will be animating them?

here is the very rough animation

link to script: (changed to txt so it can be displayed) ... gyBall.txt

Thanks for any help / pointers.

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