A new way to increase the development time of creation......

Scripting in Blender with Python, and working on the API

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A new way to increase the development time of creation......

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Hello to every Blender artist / developer. I'm a Blender newbie. That's only less than a month that I'm learning it. I have reached the conclusion that it's the better tools all around to make animations. There is only a major problem,like on the other tools of the same kind...it takes ages to finish a simple animations. This is because powerful is not the only charateristic that makes a product the best of its kind. In Blender we can use a lot of python scripts that reduce the time need to complete a job and that make tasks easier,but are you sure that these scripts are really so efficacy and efficiency ? Someone of you has tried to compare the time saved doing a job with and without using a custom python script ? Since for me this point is more important than the usage of Blender,because I have no a full life to complete my project I had an idea about how to reach the goal. Let's go to the middle of it. Please check this video :

http://www.csail.mit.edu/videoarchive/h ... s/robot-26

This is the home page of the official project :


here you can find the same tool that use a graphical interface written in java :

http://hci.stanford.edu/winograd/shrdlu ... shrdlu.zip

For who has not yet understand what I'm talking about and the relations that there are with Blender,I can summarize them in those :

1) in the examples that I have shown before you can see that there is an AI (artificial intelligence algorithm) that's able to understand the relations that there are in a little world full of objects created in java and it can moves these,too. Our goal is to use the world of Blender instead of the java ones.

2) we can easily concatenate more than one command in one single phrase and we can concatenate even more phrases,until to be able to "speak" with Blender. This can increase the development because we will not need anymore to give commands one after the other.

3) the AI algorithm that I have shown is old,it has been created by Terry Winograd in the 1960 years using the LISP language. We need to port it in python,because the latter works intimately with Blender. Someone has already did it : https://github.com/sushobhannayak/shrdlu

What we need to do is :

1) improve the sushobhannayak version of shrdlu
2) integrate the sushobhannayak version of shrdlu with Blender

Since that this project is complex (but how much ? I can't realize it because I haven't the right python/blender knowledge already),we could follow two ways :

1) using the crowdfounding to find the money
2) to make a team of developers interested to work on the project for free.

At the moment I would like to know what you think about the idea. Thanks.

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