Basic Scripting

Scripting in Blender with Python, and working on the API

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Basic Scripting

Post by Yayap8 »

I was wondering about something the other day. I was experimenting with the 'Logic' screen to make things happen. I had put a mini game world together to test for future reference, but most of what was supposed to happen didn't.
-I could only move the camera forwards and turn right.
-When I hit the key assigned to jumping, the camera would only rise until it hit something.
-None of the AI was working for movement and such.
Now, I'm curious if all of this can be fixed with scripting. Char movement, AI, interactable objects (doors and such), and so on and so forth. Also, is it possible to add a UI/HUD to a game?

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Post by ascotan »

I don't think I can answer appropriately your question because it relates to the gameengine python API. is a place you may find more answers. The blender python API currently doesn't control much of anything related to the gameengine. However, the gameengine has it's own python API (I call it the gameengine API) which is used to control things such as sensors, etc.

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Post by lightning »

You could do everything except proper AI without scripting.

As ascotan said, try elysiun.
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