Suggestion: API access to certain variables

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Suggestion: API access to certain variables

Post by metaphorz »

GENERAL OBSERVATION: some variables that are accessible in
the UI are not available in the Python API. For example, when
trying to access the RGB numeric values in "MapTo" under
materials, it appears that there is no access.

SUGGESTION: there are certainly ways around some of these
limitations, however, as a general policy, it would seem a good
idea to ensure that the Python API exactly matches the UI. In
short, if buttons or sliders are in the UI, there should be API
equivalents. Is this possible? Hopefully, this is the direction that
the API is headed. From what I can tell, the API has come a
long way in this regard from the early days?

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Post by an-toni »

This is also, in my limited understanding, the policy which has been formed in the developer meetings -- that everything that is doable via GUI should be doable via Python. There are cases where Python usage is pushing for more, hooking into the Blender internals, and that is sometimes not advisable with the current architecture, but at least all the 'user operations' are allowed.

Regarding your suggestion, I don't think there's a an automatic mechanism that would ensure that. It requires work, people keeping track of things. And implementing the missing and new parts is the actual work. This being open source, well, feel free to do something for it -- I'm sure the Python team will help, but it won't just happen no matter what policies and suggestions there are.


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