Interrupting script crashes Blender

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Interrupting script crashes Blender

Post by metaphorz »

I am doing rendering in a python script that I
wrote, by setting the start frame/end frame, and
so forth. It works fine as long it goes to completion.

The problem is that when I try to stop it by going to
the DOS window and typing Ctrl-C, it does stop the
script with a "keyboard interrupt"; however, when
I then click on the Blender window, I get a windows
crash report ("this application will now close....').

Being able to temporrily halt a rendering in mid-stream
is useful if, for example, I realize that I have the wrong
setting for a variable.

Is there a way around the crash?

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partial solution

Post by metaphorz »

Even though creating an interrupt should not a crash in Blender,
I figured out a way to to avoid the problem. I use a boolean
variable "continueanim" to set to true initially, and then

continueanim = True
while .... and continueanim:
simulation/animation code ....
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print "Halted simulation..."
continueanim = False

This seems to work well and avoids passing the exception
on to Blender, which causes the crash.


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Post by ascotan »

hmm... crashing is bad plz post this with a .blend file + script to the bug tracker to have a look at.

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