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request better x3d exporter

Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 8:25 pm
by matos
i dont know if this is the right place to post this... sorry for that... :oops:
i just wanna know if its possible to have a better x3d/vrml2 exporter.
in my case i need it to workd with wirefusion( ).
at this point my workflow is blender>milkshape>wirefusion, but with a better x3d and/or vrml2 exporter, i could eliminate milkshape from my workflow.

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 6:49 pm
by matos
i just realiza that a vrml exporter that could handle animation, its a must, cause for the 3d online visualization, we have 3 valid options:
1. wirefusion
2. vSpace master
3.blaze 3d

wirefusion and vspace use vrml, blaze 3d use 3ds,max,maya and lightwave native formats.

at this point i dont have/or know a way to get my animation into 1 of the above software.

the solution is using milkshape, but milkshape is one of those piece of software that im not very fan of.

3ds max have a good exporter, but why should i use max if my heart is on blender :wink: .

bottom line is, with a better vrml exporter, Blender could not a tool , but THE TOOL for online 3d content creation.

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 7:41 pm
by LetterRip
Have you tested the vrml exporter in CVS or 2.40alpha-1 ?

I'm not sure what all bart exports, but it is supposed to be one of the better exporters,


Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 8:16 pm
by ElBarto
Which problems or bugs you have?

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2005 9:49 pm
by matos
no problem or bugs, its more about the lack of futures.
im using Bart`s vrml 97 exporter that came with 2.40alpha-1(,v 1.5 2005/06/11), that work fine, the problem is about the animation i do in blender, the script cant handle animation :cry:

i know theres a lot going on over the animation code in blender,and maybe is not so simple to make a vrml97 script that exports animation, but i started this topic to show how important Blender could b in the development of 3d online visualization.

My workflow now is:
i model in Blender, export to Milkshape(btw, i dont like milkshape), where i map and animate the mesh, then export to vrml2 to use for example in wirefusion....
i just wanna get milkshape out of my work flow :cry:

Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 10:11 pm
by ElBarto
When recode of the animation system is over and the Python API is documented exporting animations will come :)

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:36 am
by matos
thank u :wink:

u cany believe how much i need it :lol: