How to call a native Blender operation

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How to call a native Blender operation

Post by mfreixas »

Hi all,

Anybody knows how can I call a native Blender operation like "Boolean operation" using a python script :?:

I don't know if it is posible.



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Post by z3r0_d »

most of those things aren't accessable

[booleans and subsurf will be a modifier in the next release, if I recall python doesn't have access to modifiers yet either]

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Post by an-toni »

i think we are getting to the winning side, i.e. that more is exposed to py than not :)

accessing the modifier stack to add/remove/configure modifiers is probably quite simple to add - and people are even working on getting python modifiers - but true, unfortunately there is nothing for it in the cvs yet.


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Patch for blender 2.41

Post by fcoiffie »

I've just made a small patch on blender 2.41 which allows me to make some boolean operations in a python script.
It defines following functions at the object level :

Code: Select all

Thanks to these functions, I can write :

Code: Select all

newobject = sphere1.difference(box2)
As I'm really a beginner with blender and the blender code, maybe this patch is dirty.
Currently, it's not perfect because if I call a function too many times, blender seems to enter in an infinite loop. But for my needs, it's sufficient.

So if someone is interested by this patch, I can put it here.

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