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readout (excel files)

Post by dotblend »

is there a script that can readout a database, or a excel file?

i need this for a test at the company i work for...
this is what i need, the excel file has locations en itemcodes defined and
i need to get this visual. Example, in this warehouse we have a lot of items… we want to know where this item exactly is and to create a “real-time game executable” that is able to lookup the position of this item
And therefore it has to be able to create cubes in a certain colour and size. Is there anyone who has the knowledge to help me with this?

I can provide a sample excelsheet providing the data is anyone is interested

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Re: readout (excel files)

Post by kidb »

dotblend wrote:is there a script that can readout a database, or a excel file?
I don't know if this helps. Harkyman made a plugin or a script which accesses a mysql database.

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Post by aligorith »


Here is a link to a Python package that reads and (I think saves Excel and OpenOffice Cal files).

Hope that helps,

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