Half-life (.SMD) exporter vrs Armature Object

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Half-life (.SMD) exporter vrs Armature Object

Post by jfrank »

I am building a Blender-Half-life (.SMD file) exporter.
It is based in a Pov-Ray exporter.
At this moment, it can export static meshes and UV textures.
Now, I need to access Armature data and Vertex Groups data.
Is it possible? :roll:

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Post by shagwana »

As I understand it, armature data is not exposed to python so this is not possible :(.

Someone please correct me if im wrong!!, so I can continue with my own .b3d exporter for blitzbasic :-) ( www.blitzbasic.com )

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Post by Bandoler »

I'm having the same problem exporting to NeoEngine native format. Static meshes with Textures and scenes with transformation works right now. I wanted to make skinned meshes and bones, but it's not exposed to python.

Why not make wrappers for it? Shouldn't be that hard... ok it probably will. Imagine i wanted to do it. What CVS branch would be more suitable for this work? Could anyone give any good advice before i started?

Note that i'm talking in conditional...


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Post by dickie »

too bad...
that would've been kick ass.

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Post by Panther »

Hi Bandoler,

I know this is a slightly off-topic, but...

Are you working on a NeoEngine export script for Blender ???

If so, do you have a version for willing candidates to use ???

I would be more than happy to do some testing for you :D

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Post by ascotan »

There is no access to bones/armatures through the current python api i believe. buttttt someone is working on a new armature module that will expose this in a latter release of blender. :D

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