Looking at upgradeing for blender performance.

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Looking at upgradeing for blender performance.

Postby Norwegiboard » Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:30 am

I am currently looking at upgrading my rig for more performance in blender and other modeling software. I already have an amd fx 8120 and it was a good upgrade but I'm looking to upgrade it and have a second machine that is 8 threads/cores for rendering. I was looking at the new fx 8350 but everything I can find shows it having very little performance gain 15% at most. I'm also looking at the i7 3770k as an option. I can't find many benchmarks for the i7 either. Has anyone worked with both these chips in blender or know where there are lots of benchmarks showing performance and not just one here or there on the web. I'm also not interested in gaming benchmarks, the current system I have plays things just fine. Any thoughts or recommendations?

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