How to align a edge loop to non-x,yz axis

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How to align a edge loop to non-x,yz axis

Post by Starzinger » Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:13 pm

This is probably very basic, but say i have a edge loop, and want to align this in a straight line between the two end-points. How do i do this, if i do not want to align it to x,y,z, and if i dont want to smooth vertex, since that will not always form a straight line (since they are connected to other edge loops).

I hope its clear what i mean, im quite new to 3D modelling.

My current method is to scale to 0 on a axis, and then rotate, and then using grab and scale try to fit it nicely, but its tedious when you have alot of edge loops, and it can be hard to get it completely straight.

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