Real import / export ALEMBIC support ?

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Real import / export ALEMBIC support ?

Post by MattRM » Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:15 pm

Hi all,

I saw that the Blender Foundation released a professional network and support for professional studio. This is really great, but at this time, the only "hic" it's that blender is quite closed to other software and pro renderer engine. Example, you need to done a special vfx fracture or liquid fluids (ok blender have some good tools), no way to export it or import it from other package without an headache (obj is not a real solution). Our internal engine solution (guerilla render) can read rib format from massive, obj, is own data exported from maya and ALEMBIC. At this time many software communicate with Alembic data, cause less space need on HDD and possibility to send the geometry data where we want.

So why Blender don't have an active branches on the Alembic solution ? To export / import data. I saw the started dev for Alembic, but seems import only and experimental. I think had a real Alembic support for blender can be really good for professional used. It's give to blender a real data cache system and open it to other professional software.

Hope a branche will work on it.

Best regards,


ps : I already use Blender and our internal render, but obj is heavy and no way to have animation.
ps2 : I think really blender can replace solution like autodesk maya.

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Post by yamakashi » Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:40 pm

Alembic is an incredibly useful format and it is extensively used at Major studios. It is not only the fastest and best data conversion tool but it also supports intra-frame transformation and deformation motion blur. A must implementation for Blender.

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