Wrong pixels when baking textures Selected to Active

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Wrong pixels when baking textures Selected to Active

Post by stevenc » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:22 am

I've used the Bake functionality a lot for a while now.
I used it to bake a texture from one character onto another,
it alwyas worked fine.

But now I have a character which uv layout I wanted to change,
so I made a copy of the mesh, edited the unwrap, and changed the mesh a bit as well.

But now when I try to bake textures form the old model to the new,
there are always some pixels on the baked texture that are wrong, as if sampled from the wrong place.
Changing the distance parameter does not help.

Strange enough I've always kept the distance at 0 before and that always worked, but if I test it by baking a texture of a cube onto another cube (an exact copy at the exact same position), I get wrong pixels as well, unless I increase the distance (which is actuall what I expected, the weird thing is that I didn't need to before when baking from 1 character to a different 1)

Any Help?

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