FBX exporting and rotation value weirdness

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FBX exporting and rotation value weirdness

Postby Orionark » Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:33 pm

So I just made a little box with an armature attached to it with 2 bones pointing straight up and down, and I've animated one of them to rotate on the x axis 90 degrees. When I export to FBX, this is what happens:

Code: Select all

Channel: "R" {
               Channel: "X" {
                  Default: 90.000002504348856
                  KeyVer: 4005
                  KeyCount: 14
                  Color: 1,0,0
               Channel: "Y" {
                  Default: -89.999995674159678
                  KeyVer: 4005
                  KeyCount: 30
                  Color: 0,1,0
               Channel: "Z" {
                  Default: 0.000000000000000
                  KeyVer: 4005
                  KeyCount: 16
                  Color: 0,0,1
               LayerType: 2

The Y value is the only one that's actually moving, but the X and Z values are rotated 90 degrees for some reason? Ticking the XNA animation hack box gets rid of the unnecessary rotations, but then it disorients the entire model when I import it into my engine.

The weird thing I see is that the default on the X and Z values is correct, and the first and last frames are correct, but the middle frames are rotated 90 degrees.

I'm pretty new to blender, so I assume I'm just missing something. Any help would be appreciated. :)

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Re: FBX exporting and rotation value weirdness

Postby KONANDRIAS » Sat Feb 09, 2013 6:49 pm

Is it for UDK or unity or sth else

There is not excelent fbx support in blender right now.

The animation actions you have is also important. I have an experience for UDK actually.
In the dope sheet have in all of the actions that you want the F selection checked. Choose in the dope sheet the action that you want. When you export in fbx uncheck the option all actions. Have checked the Mesh, armature, animation and default take.
In UDK when you import have Toasrefpose checked. I dont know about other engines to tell you the truth.

Also there could be another problem.
The fbx script reads the armature bone as root.
We dont want that actually.

Kris redbeard has some very good solutions for that(and many other things actually). One is a small change in the script.

http://krisredbeard.wordpress.com/tutor ... yer-model/

maybe you would like to check that

I hope I helped.

Good luck

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